BP (Building Products of Canada) has been producing products to build and renovate homes for nearly a century. They have an impeccable reputation in the roofing industry for providing quality materials at reasonable prices.

You will find that BP truly cares about how their materials perform and hold up under duress. They have determined all the elements needed for the ideal roof and offer those materials in unparalleled quality. You can now get all your roofing needs from one company; quality shingles, eave protection, underlayment, roll roofing, ventilation, roofing cement, flashing and drip edge flashing. Advanced Roofing Ontario has the experience with BP products to assure you that with those materials, you will have a roof that will stand up to nearly any weather event.

Part of BP’s code of ethics is social responsibility. The company is environmentally responsible, spending millions on the most innovative pollution control systems. Effluent from their Quebec fiberboard plant is turned into fertilizer. BP supports university apprenticeship and work study programs, believing that education is the key to a bright future.

Advanced Roofing Ontario is pleased to offer free estimates. Our professional craftsmen will help you choose the perfect roof for the home that you love.