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Things to do in Mississauga

Sure, the city of Toronto is close by and has all of the theatre, sporting events and nightlife that anyone can handle, but Mississauga itself has a few spots that will make even the stoutest Torontonian jealous.

The Playdium is an interactive and virtual entertainment center that is great for family fun. They have a 40,000 square foot indoor space that is full with over 200 attractions, simulators and rides like the Laser Maze and the roller coaster simulator ride, there are also many, many, many video games that you can try your luck at, and don’t forget to save those tickets so you can check out the redemption center on the way out to trade those tix for some great prizes.

Outside, the Playdium boasts eleven acres of outdoor fun including the longest go-cart track in the country, mini golf, bungee trampoline and water wars area. They also have a baseball dome with 9 batting cages so you can test your skills.

If you like shopping, no, if you love shopping then Mississauga is the place to be as it is home to Eastern Canada’s largest shopping mall: Square One. There are almost two million square feet of retail space in this sprawling mall with over 360 stores and services for your perusal, but please, take comfortable shoes!

Other malls in Mississauga are the Dixie Outlet Mall which is full of fun deals and the Erin Mills Center.

The Living Arts Center offers 225,000 square feet of performance space, studio space and exhibition areas and is home to some of the best theater, arts and cultural events in the area. There are two main performance venues, Hammerson Hall and the RBC Theatre where you can catch a show or theatrical performance throughout the year, and there are also seven arts/crafts studios that not only are the space for the artist in residence but also offer recreational classes in all sorts of art for everyone to enjoy. This truly is a venue that combines the best of all of the arts under one roof. With something for everyone and ever changing exhibits and show schedules this place truly is a gem for the city of Mississauga.

To get away from it all the Credit River is a wilderness retreat right in the city. You can fish, canoe or kayak the river and see some of the varied flora and fauna that calls the area home. With over 1330 species of plants, 244 species of birds, 17 different species of amphibians and 64 species of fish in addition to mammals, turtles and snakes, the Credit River is a great place for families to enjoy the day.

Mississauga may be just another city in the Greater Toronto Area, but it is full of interesting and fun things to do, no matter your tastes.