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Nestled in the city of Mississauga is Streetsville—the ‘village in the city’ one that boasts a small town feel, a quaint main street and a picturesque landscape all its own while being just minutes from the hustle and bustle in Canada’s sixth largest city.

Queen St. is the main draw of the village as it houses all the historical buildings and stores, pubs and restaurants that make this village in a city something different and unique. Streetsville sits south of Erin Mills and west of East Credit in Mississauga and has a population of around 13,000 people.

Back in 1821 the first building, a general store was built in the settlement that we now know as Streetsville. This store still stands, as does Timothy Street’s house that was built in 1825. Today it is one of the oldest brick houses in all of the Peel Region. In 1858 Streetsville was incorporated into a village and had grist mills, saw mills and tanneries as its main economic means. It continued to grow and by 1962 it was large enough to warrant being named a town in its own right. In 1974 Streetsville and several other communities amalgamated together into the city of Mississauga, which has kept growing over the years and is now the sixth most populous city in all of Canada.

Today, Streetsville is a long narrow village that houses the main street and three churches not to mention an eclectic mix of housing. Charming homes, bungalows, single family homes and the like are scattered around the village. Fifty four percent of these home are between 25-50 years old and offer a nice mix of residential inventory. If you are lucky enough to live in this pretty village within a city, you know the importance of having a good quality roof on your home. Older homes tend to need a bit more attention when it comes to roofing and you want your new roof to compliment not only your home but also the surrounding homes and charming streetscapes as well.

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