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Spotlight on Harbourfront

Sitting on the northern shore of Lake Ontario just beyond downtown Toronto is the neighbourhood of Harbourfront. Its many amenities are part of the waterfront that comes alive in the summer months with festivals, arts and free outdoor concerts. What was once a bustle of activity for the shipping industry and an industrial zone has become a welcoming, bright place that is mixed use and for use by all, residents and visitors alike.

Toronto’s ‘playground by the lake’ has plenty of green spaces, walking paths, biking trails and a boardwalk, along with fancy restaurants, bars and places to kick back and relax on the water. It is also home to many boating uses including docks and a boating school and really is a hub of activity during the summer months.

Harbourfront Center is part of the neighbourhood and offers craft studios, performance spaces, galleries and an extensive program of arts and cultural events throughout the summer. There are free concerts on the outdoor stage during summer and a free open air skating rink for the winter months. Harbourfront Center caters to arts of all kinds, often showcasing things that are different and culturally significant.

Most of the housing in this neighbourhood is in high rise condominiums that are pricey but give fabulous views of the lake while allowing their residents to be right in the center of the action while having easy access to the downtown core.

No matter where you live, your roof is a concern. Even if you are in a high rise condominium having a solid roof over your head that doesn’t leak and withstands the weather goes a long way to ensure your comfort when the cold wind blows or the lake effect snow shows itself. While the roof won’t be your individual problem, it is something that the management will have to deal with when the time is right. Hopefully they bring in the experts at Advanced Roofing Ontario to deal with any issues that may arise.