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Roofing Materials

A roof is something we all have. It is the first line of defense between our house, apartment, business or retail space against the weather. If your roof fails, your house is open to the elements, which can cause extensive damage, mould and a host of other problems that can be expensive and time consuming to fix. Keeping a roof at its best means choosing the best roofing materials for not only your home’s architecture and the curb appeal, but also the weather.

Depending on where you live, roofing materials can be as diverse as slate, tile, wood or the most popular; asphalt shingles. In the Southwest of the United States for instance, tile roofs are the norm, as they soak up the heat from the sun and keep the interior cool and dry.  But if you live in a climate like those of us in Ontario who see extremes of heat and cold on a yearly basis you will need a heavy duty roof to keep your house and its contents safe.

We need roofing materials that last a long time, that have a good warranty against damage and wear and that not only look good but are capable of passing all the building and fire codes to boot. It is not a coincidence then that asphalt shingles are what many opt for. They are the cheapest, they are easy to install and they come with a long warranty. They are made for winters and summers alike and hold up well to the elements. They also come in a vast array of colours and styles from simple 3 Tab to the more modern look of Architectural Shingles.

Stone or slate roofing materials are all natural and non-absorbent, meaning that rain, snow, slush and the like simply roll off without penetrating the stone. These roofs can last for generations, there are even instances where slate roofing has been saved from a demolished home and re-used on another project, that’s how tough this stuff is. The downside to slate or stone is that it is heavy, with most homes not being able to support its weight without additional support structures built in. Today, engineered slate is used which is about one third of the weight of traditional slate and cheaper as well, all while giving that sophisticated and timeless look to your home.

Wood shake, rubber, felt and even metal are now all being used as roofing materials. To figure out what is best for you, consult your trusted local roofer today!