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Port Credit

Port Credit is a community that is part of the city of Mississauga, and is located where the Credit River meets Lake Ontario in the central part of south Mississauga. Being on the water affords this community to have a fantastic Harbourfront and a promenade not to mention over 40 hectares of parkland and 225km of scenic walkways. It is a lakefront neighbourhood that is totally walkable, perhaps the most walkable of all of the city’s communities, and it also allows residents and visitors alike easy access to Toronto.

The village of Port Credit is one of the most desirable neighbourhoods in all of the Greater Toronto Area and as such has housing prices that are quite high to match but it has a fascinating history that dates back centuries.

Back in 1720 traders and Native peoples used the area to trade and they would trade and buy things on credit. This is how the area got its name and it stayed a major trading junction for many years. The first permanent structure in Port Credit was built in 1789 by the English; a Government Inn. The area became a police village in 1909 and a town in 1961. Like Streetsville and many other small villages and towns, it became part of the city of Mississauga in 1974.

Today, Port Credit is home to the largest public marina in the GTA and hosts annual events like a Buskers Festival and the Waterfront Festival. They are also host to the largest in-water boat show in the area, something that attracts hundreds to the area each year.

This Ontario landmark is home to many restaurants, boutiques, pubs and art galleries. It is a popular spot for weekends spent walking the boardwalk or the pathways or sailing on Lake Ontario. It is indeed a recreational paradise but within easy distance to major cities which only adds to its charm.

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Port Credit is just one part of what makes Mississauga a great city in which to live and raise a family. Lakefront living, great schools and easy access to where you need to be. What can be better?