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Oakville’s Newer Neighbourhoods

Oakville is a town in Southwestern Ontario that has mature tree lined streets and older–some even historical—homes and neighbourhoods that have been around for generations. Oakville is also a town that boasts several new developments that have turned into neighbourhoods of their own over the years. These communities have parks, green spaces, great schools and all the shopping and entertainment options you could ask for, as well as easy access to the cities of the GTA via any one of the three major highways that cut through the town.

With any neighbourhood where there are homes, there are roofs. Did you know that you get a better resale price on your home if you have a new roof? This is because you are giving the new owner twenty five years or more of worry free living when it comes to what’s atop the house.

Perhaps if you live in Bronte Creek, the upscale community with the rolling hills and mature trees that is close to Bronte Creek Provincial Park your roofing material of choice is slate or wood. Joshua Creek residents who enjoy the luxury homes and high end townhomes, the new recreation center and the excellent schools of the area may be inclined to agree. If you are going to the trouble of creating a custom built home, you want the roof to be an enhancement to the entire design, after all, a roof is the one and only barrier you have between your home and the weather outside.

The community of Oak Park is also a newer development in the town. It has homes with front porches, rear garages, lanes for parking and quaint, small town street plans that fit in nicely with the neighbourhood feel of old. It also is a great place for a great roof to be seen and get your home noticed!

One of the most notable neighbourhoods in town is Glen Abbey, which backs onto the famed golf course. It also has plenty of trails for biking and walking, beautiful ravines, parks and a modern infrastructure even though it was first developed back in the 1980’s. Like many of the other neighbourhoods, Glen Abbey is home to mixed residential units from large executive homes that back on to the golf course to apartments, linked homes, semi-detached homes and condos.

New homes equal new roofs and you want to be sure that the company you hire is the best one for that all important roofing job. Older homes, estates and historical homes also will sooner or later need a new roof, so who better for the job than Advanced Roofing? Experience and professionalism are just two of the qualities you will find, whether you are starting from scratch or renovating that dream home in Oakville.