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Why Choose Experienced Roofers?

Like with anything, getting an experienced professional in to do the job can lessen the headaches and stress associated with home repairs. A trained electrician or plumber coming into your home can immediately see the problem and best know how to handle it in a safe and timely manner. Same goes for your roof. While anyone can call themselves roofers, a real roofer will be certified, bonded, insured and know how to do the job safely; on time and on budget.

When you are choosing a roofer, be sure to do your homework. Ask around, if you see neighbours getting a new roof, ask them how the experience with their roofing company was. Were they professional? Were they courteous? Did they clean up after completing the job? Did they do what they said they would do for the price they quoted? Alternately you can check reviews of roofers online or call a selection of them from your yellow pages and see if they offer free estimates and will come out to inspect your roof so they know exactly what work needs to be done.

Always, always, always get an estimate—in writing—before you proceed with any work. The estimate should be thorough and detailed outlining exactly what they will be doing, when they will be doing it and when it will be finished. At this time it is also a good idea to check that the roofer is licenced and ask about their safety record. What if a roofer gets injured on the job at your home? Does the roofer have insurance that pays for that or will it get passed on to you? What about the warranty? Which products have the best one? Which materials will work best on the roof of your home? Do you need further structural stability or is the roof good as it is? All of these questions should be freely answered by your choice of roofer.

It is your home and you want the job done right, on budget, on time and safely. A trained, licensed roofer will always put safety first, knows the best way to do the job and will get that new roof on your home in a timely manner. A little preparation goes a long way in getting the right roofer for the job and will eliminate the stress and headaches that may come with choosing just anyone for the job!