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Curb Appeal for Your Home

Curb appeal is defined as the attractiveness or look of the exterior of a home, business or commercial property as viewed from the street. That is, what do people walking or driving by think of your property? Is it aesthetically pleasing or does it make people want to think twice before entering? If you are selling a home, experts say that prospective buyers make up their mind about a property ...
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Oakville Roofing

What town in the GTA can boast the headquarters of Tim Horton’s, a full size FIFA certified indoor soccer pitch, Ford of Canada’s National Headquarters and twelve distinct neighbourhoods? Oakville of course, the town in the Halton Region that is nestled on the shores of Lake Ontario in southwestern Ontario. Oakville is also a stop on the VIA line on the busy Windsor to Quebec corridor and cl...
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Architectural Shingles

Asphalt shingles have been a mainstay on roofs all across Canada for generations. They are tried and true, stand up to the harsh Canadian winters well and are economical to boot. They come in various colours and styles, with the two main types being architectural and 3-tab. Architectural shingles are also known as laminated, composite or dimensional and look a lot more modern than their 3-tab cous...
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Architectural shingles vs metal roofing

Architectural shingles are made of asphalt. Metal roofing is made, well, it’s metal, so which one is best for your new roof? If you ask ten people you will likely get ten different reasons as to why one is better than the other, but in the end it all comes down to personal preference. Metal roofing can last as long as fifty years or more, with some boasting lifespans of up to sixty years. Archi...
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Toronto Roofing

As the largest city in the country, the capital city of the province and the fifth most populous city in North America, Toronto is a city with many historical neighbourhoods, many single family homes and yes, many roofs. Victorian and Edwardian-era homes in communities like The Annex, Yorkville, Cabbagetown and Rosetown are full of period architecture, and for some, roofing challenges that are uni...
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Brampton Roofing

Once known as the Flower Town of Canada because of its vast greenhouse industry, the city of Brampton today is known for such things as auto making and communications, though it never quite let go of its flowery past. Over half a million people call Brampton home, and with that it becomes the 3rd largest city in the GTA, not to mention being one of the top 10 largest cities in the country. Its ...
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Spring Roof Maintenance

April showers bring a lot more than May flowers, it could be a case of April showers bringing May leaks if you have an older roof or one in disrepair. A simple way to nip roof problems in the bud is to do twice a year inspections of your roof, the downspouts, the eavestroughs and the flashing. Making sure everything is secure in the fall and again in the spring could go a long way in keeping poten...
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How a Roof Works

It’s something we all have but really, how much thought do you really put into your roof? Sure, if there is a problem with it it is thought about, but on an ordinary day, do you know what your roof is made of and how it has been affixed to the top of your house? When your house was built, it was framed into the shape that you see today. On to the framing, or rafters at the top goes sheets...
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Roofing Materials

A roof is something we all have. It is the first line of defense between our house, apartment, business or retail space against the weather. If your roof fails, your house is open to the elements, which can cause extensive damage, mould and a host of other problems that can be expensive and time consuming to fix. Keeping a roof at its best means choosing the best roofing materials for not only you...
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Why Choose Experienced Roofers?

Like with anything, getting an experienced professional in to do the job can lessen the headaches and stress associated with home repairs. A trained electrician or plumber coming into your home can immediately see the problem and best know how to handle it in a safe and timely manner. Same goes for your roof. While anyone can call themselves roofers, a real roofer will be certified, bonded, insure...
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