1) What creates an Ice Dam?

1) A heavy snowfall - enough to leave several inches on a roof.
The more snow left on a roof after a storm, the greater chance an ice dam may form.

2) Cold temperatures.
A heavy snow followed by several days of -08 degree Celsius temperatures is especially favorable.

3) Under ventilated and poorly insulated attic.
Heat escapes from the living quarters to the attic. The heat builds up, eventually warming the underside of the roof deck, causing a thawing effect on the roof. Water will then run down the roof eventually reaching the eaves. Since this area remains cold, the runoff from the melting snow begins to freeze, forming an ice dam.

As the ice dam builds, it begins to trap more melting snow run-off, thus increasing the height of the dam.

How to Help Eliminate and Protect against Ice Dams In Three Easy Steps!

A ) Install adequate attic ventilation.
Because ice dams form when a roof has warmed upper surfaces and cold lower surfaces, the solution is to equalize temperatures over the entire roof area. Heating an entire roof is impractical (and extremely costly), so the most effective solution is to create a cold roof surface.

To do that you’ll need a well designed attic ventilation system. The Ontario Building Code states that ventilation should be 50% at the eave and 50% at roof to create sufficient circulation of the air.

With an adequate attic ventilation system this creates an even temperature from eave to peak areas, thus greatly reducing the possibility of forming an ice dam.

B ) Install adequate attic Insulation. Attic insulation serves two purposes. First, and most important, it minimizes heat loss from inside the home. Second, adequate attic insulation diminishes the energy impact of having cold air flowing through the attic. The amount of insulation required depends on the area you live in, for the greater Toronto Area it should be an R-32.

C ) Ice and Water Proofing Membrane Underlayment This is the last line of defense against water infiltration. It’s important, because even the most efficient attic ventilation may not be enough! At Advanced Roofing (Ontario) Ltd we use only a premium grade of Ice and Water shield membrane. We feel this membrane gives you durability, quality, and a proven track record.

We also recommend that you install an eave-starter or drip-edge, in conjunction with the Ice and Water shield to better enhance the protective performance of your roof system.

An eave-starter or drip-edge is a pre-formed metal edge that ensures the water will drain into the eaves-trough as well as create a reinforced base for the Ice and Water Shield to be adhered to.

We hope this gives you a better understanding of the Ice Damming effect. Remember next to your home’s foundation wall a roof is the second most important component of your home!

2) The Definition of value

To define the word VALUE we must first look at ones self. Many of us may find value in an inexpensive purchase, we may purchase an item, one of many similar lines, and feel as if we’ve made a deal, yet weeks or months later the product will fail, break or not meet your expectations. Left feeling taken, misled or even “ripped” off.

The “Art” of purchasing something is knowing exactly what you are paying for. Even if you’re purchasing by comparison i.e.: (Apples to Apples--Would you not opt for the apple that may be less bruised or blemished or for flavor over the price.)

The same theory should apply for a roof replacement—What VALUE do you put on your Home or your Roof…? For many homeowners their home is a sense of pride in ownership, they’ve invested hard earned money and time in creating a comfortable living environment for their family.

At Advanced Roofing (Ontario) Ltd we know the value in a roof purchase, we specialize in it. We take every roof replacement seriously, starting at your initial call for an estimate. Our Estimator/Consultants arrange a time to meet with the homeowner for an on-site quote. During the estimate process our estimators inspect, measure and assess your home needs. Our sales/estimators are specialists in the industry—as well as qualified installers. Product knowledge is our specialty, ability to tackle certain roofing scenario problems, and preparing an on-site comprehensive quotation, makes your estimate process enjoyable, and meets your specific roof application. After the contract is accepted and final confirmation on details as to color selections are finalized, a scheduled time line is issued for start-up. As your time-line start date approaches you will be contacted by our scheduler for delivery of materials and a disposal container.

During the application process the job is done as per the contract—We Do Not meander from the details of our contract—unless specified and coordinated in writing with the customer. Wood deck replacement if necessary is at the discretion of our installers. We do not install asphalt shingles over damaged or rotted decks. All our trades-people are skilled and experienced, and maintain a clean/safe work-site, taking into consideration the customers’ property and safety of others.

After Completion of the job a thorough inspection of the installation/job-site is done by the supervisor for deficiencies or debris. It is then signed for a completion certificate—any deficiencies are addressed and taken care of—then final invoicing takes place.

Upon final payment Warranty papers are then issued to the customer both for Workmanship and Material. Any questions retaining to coverage can also be broached.

Received with the Warranty package is a Service Contact form. We Warranty our workmanship for a period of up to Ten (10) years. If for any reason you may have a concern with your application or just a question, these contacts will be of great VALUE to you as the homeowner. We pride ourselves with our after-service program.

VALUE—When choosing a contractor look beyond just the specifications, consider all the other benefits you’ll receive in dealing with a professional and reputable, service-oriented roofing contractor.